The HiddenRadio2 is Now Available!

Special Pre-Order Price for Limited Time

Special Pre-Order Price for Limited Time

$179.00 $199.00

Estimated Shipping in June 2014. Features MultiPoint, Smart Controls, Magic Lift, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, NFC, 25+ hours of playtime, Apt-X (CD Quality).

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Link two HiddenRadio2’s and place them in different areas of your home to create a seamless wireless audio set-up, or alongside for amazing stereo experience.

Smart Controls

No need for your phone to be around anymore. Using the intelligent capacitive touch sensor you can operate your music by simply tapping the cap, even adjust the volume.

Magic Lift

Touch the cap or hit play on your phone, and the cap magically lifts, revealing the speaker hidden beneath. Your HiddenRadio2 then begins to stream crystal clear music.
The HiddenRadio2 also features Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 with Multiple Speakers functionality, Near Field Connection (NFC), Dual Neodymium Drivers Setup, Smart Alarm, Easy Renaming, Noise Cancelling Speakerphone, Easy Access USB, 25+ hours of playtime.

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